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Eco-Sabbath & Thank You

Thank you for participating in this No Impact Experiment. I hope you have learned ways to reduce your consumption and give back to the community. I hope you can take what you learned from this week and share it with … Continue reading

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Giving Back

Today is about giving back to the community and getting more involved. Please share any suggestions you may have in ways that the Sierra Club can give back to the community. What campaigns are you passionate about? What would you … Continue reading

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Water and Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! It’s the 6th day of the No Impact Experiment. Congratulations, you have tackled consumption, waste, food, energy, and transportation. Today we will take on the challenge of water. 1 out of every 6 gallons of water are … Continue reading

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Energy – America’s next favorite subject. Do you know where the energy to power your house and work come from?Have you done an energy audit of your house? What is sucking energy right now but not getting used? How many … Continue reading

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Today we talk about food! America’s favorite subject. Have you had a look at your list from yesterday? Where did your food come from? How was it grown? How was it packaged? Is there a local farmer’s market in your … Continue reading

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Today we will focus on transportation. How do you normally get around? Is there an alternative method you could use? Why or why not? Do alternative transport methods exist in your community? Are they embraced? Living in New York City … Continue reading

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Happy Monday everyone! Yesterday we looked at our overall consumption and had the specific task of collecting our trash and recyclables for the day.If you are following along in the manual, you should have gone back to that bag and … Continue reading

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