Today we will focus on transportation. How do you normally get around? Is there an alternative method you could use? Why or why not? Do alternative transport methods exist in your community? Are they embraced?

Living in New York City it is easy to get around by public transport and walking. While it can sometimes be intimidating to bike in the city, organizations like Transportation Alternatives are working hard to create a more bike friendly city.

How can we support alternative transport options in our community?

Also, for today you should be making a list of everything you eat in preparation for tomorrow’s No Impact Experiment.

Action Discussion

The No Impact Experiment is about helping yourself, helping your community, helping your country, and helping the world. As part of this week I hope to come up with real actions that we can take part in.

The Sierra Club already has a number of campaigns to create change in communities. What campaigns are you involved in with the Sierra Club? What would you like to see more of? How do you think you can get your community more involved in the Sierra Club campaigns? Do you have any ideas for new campaigns or ways to address issues in your community?

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One Response to Transportation

  1. jessicahelm says:

    I live in the suburbs of Long Island, so transportation is not easy here. The store is about a 20 minute walk away, which is pretty close by suburban standards. The closest bus stop is in front of that store. Using the bus to get to work adds an extra hour onto the commute, not counting the walk/ride to the bus stop. SOOOO, all this to say that I’m thinking about getting an electric bike or scooter, since those are coming down in price these days. Meanwhile, I drive. 😦

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