Happy Monday everyone! Yesterday we looked at our overall consumption and had the specific task of collecting our trash and recyclables for the day.If you are following along in the manual, you should have gone back to that bag and listed what you used for less than 10 minutes. Were there any surprises? Anything that could have been reused or substituted?

Throughout this week we will be working on throwing out as little as possible. It is interesting how once you become aware of everything we ‘waste’, alternative solutions begin to present themselves.

What creative or interesting alternatives have you come up with?

Trash is a very visible form of consumption. We can see not only what we throw out during the week, but also what our neighbors get rid of. If we wanted to, we could even go to the landfill and see what our entire community disposes of. Being able to gauge the physical trash you dispose of is comparable easy to gauging other things we consume, such as water and energy. Therefore, it is one of the easier things to reduce.

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