Welcome to the first day of your No Impact Experiment. Today we will discuss consumption. Hopefully, you have been able to access the manual – and complete the five steps listed.

For this week we will be using this site to submit comments and thoughts that come up throughout the week.

A couple of questions to consider for today:

  1. Do you think that your list of ‘needs’ for this week will change? Do you think that more items will be added or subtracted as the week goes on?
  2. Were you surprised by how much went in to your ‘waste bag’?
  3. If you collected your waste during a weekday as opposed to a Sunday, do you suspect that it would look different? Would there be more or less waste in the bag at the end of the day?
  4. What creative ways have you developed to reuse or reduce the amount you consume?
  5. How are you consuming less tangible items (ie. energy and water)?
  6. How do you think your consumption impacts the local community? The state? The country? The rest of the world?

The No Impact Experiment really aims to focus on our current consumption habits and how we can change them both as an individual, and within our community.

I look  forward to reading your comments, thoughts, and questions throughout the week.

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2 Responses to Consumption

  1. Jessica says:

    Some comments/problems going into this that may resonate with others.
    1. How do you deal with a reluctant family member?
    2. I already buy little and reuse more – am I at a disadvantage?

  2. niwnewyork says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for posing this questions.

    Why is the family member reluctant? I have found that opening a discussion and dialogue about their concerns is helpful. Also talking about why you are involved and participating will also help. During his year-long experiment, No Impact Man found that he became closer to his family and friends. By consuming less, he had to be more creative with his free time and thus spent more time with his wife and daughter. While his wife was reluctant to participate at first, she gradually warmed to the idea and, at the end of the year, had discovered more about what she liked in living a sustainable lifestyle.

    I think keeping the lines of communication open during this week is key. Also, as we continue to change things in our lifestyle, invite your family members to participate (ie. “I’m walking to the store today, want to come?”) They might actually have fun.

    If you already buy little and reuse more, you are definitely not at a disadvantage. Please share some of the ways that you’ve found to reduce your waste. Is there anything you’re struggling with.

    I used to buy individual yogurt servings for the week in six packs. Once I realized how wasteful this was, I started buying my yogurt in the bigger containers. However, 52 of the large containers each year was also quite wasteful. While I could reuse some of them for other things, I didn’t really have need for 52 large plastic containers. After some research, I learned how easy it is to make my own yogurt. Now I make a batch of my own yogurt every week or two and reuse the same glass jar each time.

    Has anyone encountered solutions similar to this mine?

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